7 Email Marketing Tips that Could Double Your Revenue in a Few Years

email marketing tips

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Email marketing is a tactic associated with a whopping 3,800% ROI.

Yes, that’s more than any other promotional channel in existence. Not only that but email is still a preferred communication network for numerous people across the globe.  Due to these reasons, it holds immense value for businesses.

They leverage it to promote offerings, distribute content, nurture leads, and reach out to prospects.  But, you cannot just deploy a barrage of sales pitches on an autopilot. This kind of outdated approach does more harm than good.

You’re better off delivering real value to your audience.

The good news is there’s no shortage of tried and true email marketing tips to follow. Implementing them into your email strategy will take your game to the next level.  

1. Create a Subscriber List

The first thing to do is get together a subscriber list.

The basic idea is to populate it with people who opted in to receive your messages. Getting permission is crucial and there are multiple ways to go about this task.

For instance, you can create a sign-up form on your site or social media profiles. It works as long as you offer incentives for people to sign up. A discount code or an exclusive piece of content should do the trick.

These lead magnets will allow you to reliably create, refresh, and grow your list.

Speaking of which, refrain from buying email lists. This tactic may seem tempting, but it tends to be ineffective and hurts your reputation too.

2. Conduct Proper List Segmentation

Once you’ve compiled a list, you need to segment it.

In other words, split your subscribers into groups according to defined criteria. The goal is to target them better, with more personalized and relevant emails.

Compared to broadcasting messages to the entire list, this approach yields greater results. It generates more conversions and ultimately, elevates your revenue.

Some of the most common criteria for segmentation are location, age, preferences, occupation, and activity level. You can start by separating regular customers from newsletter subscribers and daily email list. But, this is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.

The more specific and precise you get, the better it’s for your bottom line. 

3. Pick an Email Platform

It’s of the utmost importance to choose the right platform to power your campaigns.

Email technology allows you to streamline a variety of time-consuming and tedious tasks. The only problem is that the market is currently flooded with countless options. You have to do your homework and weigh their pros and cons.

Reputable providers in the league of MailChimp are certainly a safe bet. They offer solutions with intuitive interfaces, easy-to-use templates, and drag-and-drop editing tools. On top of that, they save a whole lot of time with automation features.

You can also go for all-in-one marketing platforms like HubSpot. They lean towards medium and large enterprises. Their steeper price tag turns most startups away.

This is to say no tool is a one-size-fits-all solution. Take into account your business needs and choose wisely.

4. Tap into Automation

The next actionable tip revolves around automating your email marketing.

Nowadays, responding personally is either borderline impossible or too tedious. In fact, it’s a fool’s errand because advanced digital tools stand at our disposal. You can set up a campaign once and then let algorithms do all the work.   

Take the example of auto-responders, automated sequences of emails. A specific event triggers them and they target suitable segments of your list. The triggers range from someone joining a list to cart abandonment or purchases.

Your main task is to discover what types of email to automate. You then need to anchor them in the consumer context and get the timing right.

5. Add Value with Great Content

The content of your emails has a profound impact on your open rates.

It builds trust and reputation like no other digital asset. So, try to send more value-infused emails than those that have a sale purpose.

Ramp up your content marketing strategy and generate a steady stream of relevant and shareable resources. Embed links in the body to your webinars, blog posts, educative videos, and eBooks. Keep subscribers in the information loop and entertain them.

Don’t worry; they will know how to reward you.

Oh, and one more thing. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. Take advantage of responsive formatting and loadable media to boost mobile user experience (UX).

6. Get on Top of Personalization

In the age of overflowing inboxes, everybody is looking for reasons to shun your emails.

Personalization is a way to overcome this major hurdle. It goes far beyond slapping subscriber’s first name to the subject line and encompasses all key email elements.

We’re talking about colors, font, subject lines, layout, images, and calls to action.

Furthermore, dig deeper into buyer personas and address real pain points. Become the master of emotional storytelling and focus on the reader.

Bear in mind conversational tone of voice improves effectiveness more often than not. Write like you’re addressing one person and inject some humor. You can hire professional copywriters to nail these tasks.

7. Monitor Effectiveness of Campaigns

Finally, you have to measure the success of your emails.

Before you dive into an ocean of data out there select your analytics tool. Moreover, set key performance indicators you will track. Most brands prioritize open and click-through rates and for good reasons too.

But, you can also keep an eye on conversion rates, unsubscribe rates, and average order value. Consult your marketing strategy to find the right angle of approach.

Based on the acquired insights, carry out A/B testing of different versions of your campaigns. And if you fall shy off your goals, adjust your aim (targeting).

You should be able to produce well-crafted messages that stand out from the avalanche of spam.

Time to Leverage Email Marketing Tips

One of the oldest digital marketing channels in existence still remains the king.

However, email is not the platform for bragging about how great you are. There’s a myriad of other businesses doing that.

Instead, take a step back and follow email marketing tips presented above. Embrace a highly targeted, data-backed approach. Set clear and tangible goals for your strategy.

Get to know your target audience. Cater to wants and needs of real people. Establish trust before asking for a sale.

Make your life easier and automate and optimize campaigns. Experiment a bit to see what tactics work best in your specific business case.

If you need further guidance, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you tailor messages that resonate with your target audience and put the best face of your brand forward.

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