7 Summer Marketing Ideas to Drive Online Sales

summer marketing

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Did you know that there can be as much as a 30% difference between summer and winter sales? Even taking into account the December holiday season, that is a sizeable slump.

If you are an online retailer, you can probably understand this. Brick and mortar stores see a smaller footfall, and you see a lower click rate during summer months.

But rather than simply accept it, what can you do to address this situation? What proven methods are available to maintain customer attention and retain their custom during the vacation season?

How can you use summer marketing to beat the annual slump? Check out these creative ideas.

1. Take Advantage of Public Holidays.

Summer is not all about getting out of town and hitting the beach. There are some very popular public holidays that you can center a retail campaign around. Father’s Day, Fourth of July, back to school and Labor Day are just some of these. 

Rather than waiting for autumn to come around, put serious emphasis on the reasons people celebrate these days. Sometimes it is an emphasis on national identity other times it is spending time with family. Build a campaign around it. 

Draw attention to them by creating a countdown clock on your site. Create promotions to coincide with the days before the holiday. 

2. Create Consistent and Fresh Content

The summer retail slow-down occurs when people are outside or on vacation — away from their normal routines. This puts the obligation on the retailer to go out there and get them back. Use all of, or even consider raising, your content and social media budget

Publish consistently high-quality material on your website and blog. Target email campaigns at specific parts of your audience. This will mean people do not stay away from your store for long.

More importantly, repeat customers will not lose the habit of visiting your site over the summer period. This means that you will not have to re-gain their custom from zero when the summer ends.

3. Google Re-targeting

Since hits to retail sites tend to drop in the summer, you want to make each one count. This is where re-targeting pays off. 

If you use Google ad-retargeting, after the visitor has left your site, they will still see advertisements related to the products that they browsed on your site. If they were unsure about leaving the site before purchasing, they have the option to return and finish the transaction. 

Statistics show that the average customer makes nine visits to a website before purchasing. Make sure that they keep coming back until they finish the transaction.

4. Increase Your Social Media Presence

People may go on vacation during the summer, but social media goes with them. In fact, Facebook stated that interaction and posting to Facebook increased by 26% during a recent summer.

Make sure that your social media posts are frequent and in-tune with what people are doing at that time. Theme your campaigns with the same activities that people are engaging in. Make summer fun part of your strategy and customers will remain engaged. 

5. Mobilize Your Marketing

Whilst some of us like to take our work with us when we travel, not everyone agrees. This means that the only screen that some take on vacation is their smartphone. 

Successful campaigns, whether email or social media, should be attuned to being viewed on a small screen. Select graphics and short text passages carefully. This will retain customers to have ongoing and meaningful contact with your brand wherever they may be. 

6. Emphasize Instagram Campaigns

You likely have a year-round Instagram sales strategy. However, this is especially crucial during the summer months when people are on vacation and sharing more photos that other times. 

Maximize your customers love of photo-sharing by forming a campaign around it. Pick a theme and ask followers to post related photos. Ask them to tag your business and incorporate a specific hashtag. The winner receiving an appropriate prize.

For example, you may be in the clothing retail market. Can you have a campaign involving people wearing your items of clothing in various locations? A prize for the person in the most unusual location? Or if your product is related to outdoors, can you have a competition featuring the most extreme location that they have used your product?

Ensure that you are specific with the rules of the competition and make a big deal out of the winner. You will draw a significant following and ensure greater interest for following campaigns.  

7. Have a Back-To-School Sale

One that will attract the practical-minded parents out there. The start of the school year may not be a popular subject with children. However, for parents, planning the school year ahead of time is very important. 

Planning a retail campaign based on back-to-school items is always a winner. It will draw a following of parents who are looking to save some money.

Next, add targeted campaigns for teachers and students. You will have a significant boost in interest and sales throughout the summer. 

Summer Marketing and So Much More

Summer marketing does not have to be a challenge. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to approach your customers creatively and engage them with fun campaigns.

You are no doubt interested in consistently bringing in customer traffic. You will want to stay ahead of your competitors whatever the season. If this is true, you need the right guidance regarding marketing. 

We provide authoritative guidance and trustworthy products that will get your business to the top of the rankings. Why not contact us to see how we can help you today.

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