9 Innovative Digital Marketing Trends to Incorporate in 2019

digital marketing trends

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Looking for ways to engage with targeted audiences? As the digital playground widens, it’s not enough to advertise with banner ads anymore. This 2019, start using innovative marketing trends to promote your business.

Below is a list of 9 digital marketing trends business owners should integrate into their marketing strategies. Read on to find out about these innovative marketing trends you should get in on too.

1. Use Personalization Tactics

A top digital marketing trend of 2019 is personalizing newsletters, emails, and products. You can get more innovative by personalizing content. Use available data like the links they clicked to track their interests or needs.

Show your clients that you care about them by taking note of consumer behavior and history. You can also look at the products they last bought. Offer complementary products alongside those products they bought.

2. Draw on Video Marketing

Invest in video marketing and add videos on your company’s web pages. A study shows that a page with at least one video has 53 times better chances to be at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). With the widespread presence of YouTube, it isn’t that hard to upload a video online.

You can even use other platforms like Facebook or Instagram to share shorter videos. Start small with a smartphone with good camera quality. Later, you can start investing in film equipment and editing software.

If you’re selling products, make helpful and instructional videos about them. If you’re offering services, promote it with great videography. You can even film customers who would like to share their testimonials on your products.

3. Don’t Forget About Chatbots

Having AI-based technology in messaging channels is a great way to see to visitors. They are responsive, prompt, and accurate in recalling buyer history. You save a ton by putting people in other fields and using chatbots as virtual assistants.

They never lose their patience with customers too. Customer service doesn’t get better with chatbots on standby. Although, you will still need an actual person to handle complicated situations.

4. More Social Media Marketing Is Good

With how big Facebook is, it’s no surprise that Facebook marketing is a part of this list. For one, it’s the number one social media platform in many countries, including Canada. While it’s at the top, use it to your advantage.

Many Facebook marketing trends use demographic data to reach specific audiences. There is also Facebook Ads and sponsored content. As a note, be careful who you’re marketing to and what you’re marketing as it can be unsuitable for some campaigns.

5. Get an Influencer to Promote You

Here’s one of the best digital marketing trends of today: using influencer marketing.

It’s a kind of word-of-mouth marketing using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Instead of using direct marketing to your target group, you pay influencers to promote it for you. The best part is that influencers often already have a solid following.

Compared to the average engagement rate for brands, influencers have higher user engagement rates. The average influencer’s user engagement rate is 5.7%. Brands’ user engagement rate from content fluctuates between 2%-3%.

It’s an effective marketing strategy in attracting customers. Even those from outside the niche of your business could get pulled in if you hire a big enough influencer.

6. Take Advantage of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

This innovative digital marketing trend exploits the advancements of technology. One of these is using augmented reality (AR) and /or virtual reality (VR). The best part is that this digital marketing style is also cheaper for your brand.

Using AR/VR technology works best for a company that sells products. For example, let’s say you sell custom wooden furniture. Add AR tech to your app that will let customers see how your furniture would fit in their spaces.

Architects and interior designers use this strategy when creating designs for their clients. That doesn’t mean your coffee company can’t use VR to show customers how coffee beans get processed. Use AR/VR to create informative, entertaining, and meaningful content.

7. Digital Marketing Trends Include Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Did you know that having AMPs has great benefits for SEO? One benefit is that pages that are AMPs have a chance of having the “fast” label designation on SERPs. Another benefit is that it can help your page rank high on Google.

If you’re unsure about this new digital marketing trend, take your phone out. Go to your website using your mobile phone and see how fast (or slowly) it loads. Remember that most people browse through their smartphones and it would only be wise to ramp up your AMP.

8. Plan Events and Experiences

Digital marketing doesn’t always have to stay in the virtual world. You can have a digital start and later let it branch out into the real world. The best experience you can give your consumers is something they can partake in the real world.

Remember that a good slice of your audience is an entire generation that grew up in a virtual world. There’s a chance they’ll seek real-life experiences. Give them something they lack and bring their involvement to the real world.

Organize local events, pop-up brand experiences, and festival appearances. Make the occasions memorable for them and not only for your brand. Let them interact with your people and products in a colorful, tangible way.

9. Never Forego Quality Content

It’s not a secret that content is what really matters above all your other marketing techniques. As you’ve learned before, content is king. But what is great content?

Always put content marketing at the top of your marketing strategy. Never stop creating quality content even though your blog is 2 or 3 years old already. While content is king, consistency is key.

The crucial point here is to connect with your market audience. Focus on reliability, readability, and relevance. Create a mix of general and specific and then of informative and entertaining.

Start Trending with These Innovative Improvements

That’s our list of 9 innovative digital marketing trends for 2019. Now that you know of some advanced digital marketing tips, optimize your own website. To read more content like this, feel free to visit our blog page.

Ask us about digital marketing, SEO, web design, and more. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also check our opening hours so you can give our Edmonton address a visit.

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