Climb the Charts: How to Create a Strong SEO Plan for Your Dental Practice

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a retailer or a doctor, you need to market your business if you want to succeed. Without a successful and strategic marketing campaign, nobody will ever find your business. There are also some industries where marketing is more effective than others.

For example, in dentistry, an SEO plan will pay off more than almost any other field. Making an SEO plan is about bringing your company to the forefront of search engine results, whenever someone searches for something online. It’s about making sure people find your business when they need it.

And everyone needs a dentist at some point in their lives. That’s one of the advantages dentist’s offices have against other industries: they have built-in audiences. You don’t need to attract audiences if people are already looking for you, and that means to market yourself well all you need is a good SEO plan.

It should include specific and relatable keywords that people will actually lookup. Your plan should also leverage your position as a local business to bring in people from your community. And to learn more about how to make a successful SEO plan, keep reading below!

An SEO Plan Means Deciding What You Want to Be

The first step in designing an SEO plan is to understand what it is that you’re really doing. You’re not just trying to lift your office’s website up Google’s rankings. Instead, you’re trying to decide what you want your office to be to people.

Do you want it to be something people turn to whenever they have an emergency? Or dod you want to appear like a leader in your community’s health, so it trusts you to clean its teeth? Ranking high means knowing what you want to be to people, and providing them with what they want.

The clients you attract through your SEO strategy are inherently looking for something. If you provide them with it, they will stop looking and you will have a new client. Yet most of the time, people are looking for more than just a dentist.

And to learn how to be more than just another dentist, keep reading below.

SEO Goes in Hand-in-Hand With Content Marketing

The best way to maximize your SEO strategy is by starting a blog on your website. When you start a blog, you will have a platform where you can post regular content about practically anything. You can engineer this content to center around specific keywords that people look for.

That way, when people search for that keyword, they will find you. They’ll find all the content you posted. That’s not all they will find, though.

They will find all the things your office values, and they will learn more about how you approach your own industry. They will find out if they can trust you through your content. So make sure what you post resonates with people in a positive way, and that it isn’t just written to engineer a better position on Google.

Your Content Creates Your Brand

Branding is a sibling to your SEO strategy. In fact, they can both fall under the umbrella of content marketing. Your content markets your company in ways that you don’t even realize.

As you post content on your website, you build your brand around a specific set of values. Your content construct’s your office’s personality, and you need to make sure people enjoy that personality. Otherwise, they may bounce off of your page and reduce your engagement time.

Google takes metrics like engagement or bounce rates into account when sorting the results it gives its users. The more people abandon your website and the less time they spend on it, the lower you will go in the rankings. And the only way to keep people on your website is to develop a good brand.

Identify Your Competition and Their Keywords

It’s a guarantee that your competition is using an SEO strategy. It’s fundamental to any marketing campaign, and dentists everywhere have woken up to how important it is to market yourself to be successful. And while it can be discouraging to start marketing yourself later than others, it also means you have a unique advantage.

If your competition trying to improve its SEO ranking, then it is likely posting content centered around specific keywords. All you need to do identify which keywords they’re trying to rank for and examine how they’re going about it. Then, all you need to do is copy them.

All the hard work is done for you if you’re late in the marketing game. All you need to do is start writing content that will bring people to your website, instead of finding what to write about.

Balance Your Keywords Well

Just because your competition is trying to rank for a specific keyword doesn’t always mean you should too. There are two main parts in a keyword’s viability that you should look at before persuing it: its difficulty and its search volume.

A keyword with a high difficulty means that it will be hard to rise in the rankings for it. It means that you will need to compete against several other people who are also trying to rank high for the keyword. All your work may be worthless, since your website may not budge on the rankings if the keyword is too difficult.

The difficulty tends to rise as search volume rises, though. Search volume is a measurement of the number of people searching for a particular keyword. The higher the volume, the more people you may attract by trying to rank higher for the word.

Good SEO is a careful balance between a keyword’s difficulty and its search volume. You want as little difficulty as possible while maximizing its search volumes. And finding keywords that strike a perfect balance will take work!

Take Your Dental Practice to New Audiences

A good SEO plan will introduce your office to new audiences. It will help boost more than your office’s search engine ranking. When you reach that coveted top spot on Google, you benefit from more than just an increased number of hits on your website.

You also benefit from an air of legitimacy and trustworthiness. Only people that worked hard, know what they’re talking about, and are passionate about what they do reach that spot. If people see you at the top, they will naturally flock to you because they will know that they can trust you.

It’s a long journey to the top, but it’s worth it. And for help along the way, just contact us. We will work with you to make sure that you end up onto of your competition and that people see you where you deserve to be: at the top of Google!

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