Google Search Ads: Your Guide to Campaign Types and When to Use Them

google search ads

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You have probably heard a lot about Google Ads or even encountered google ads on your internet searches. You may have heard that google ads could be beneficial to your business but never really tried to find out why.

Google ads is an online platform that focuses on advertising for Google users using what they google type. Google Ads was responsible for $95.4 billion in revenue generated by Google in the year 2017.

Thus, it translates to the fact that Google Ads have been in great use.

You must be wondering how exactly Google Ads work. Google Ads offers advertising services by allowing individuals to place their website’s search results on a search engine results page at a cost.

Google Ads allow sites that are starting to skip the process of slowly moving up the ranks by providing paid searches to produce immediate results. In that case, if you are in need of traffic that is qualified and relevant to your page, Google Ads is the path to take.

Google Ads may provide you with a variety of options which may be confusing. Worry not as this article will guide you through the different campaign types, the available options, and how Google search ads work.

Why Google Search Ads Platform?

Google Ads, initially referred to as Google AdWords, just like other advertising platforms works to provide its customers with services that ensure that there is traffic to their sites.

Google Ads provides people with budgets as low as $5, which is quite manageable and flexible. When starting out, a bargain is always good news. Google Ads has got you covered!

Google AdWords basics provide a pay per click system, mostly meaning that charges only apply when people visit your site. There is an option of turning to spend on and off as you wish, giving you more control.

The traffic drawn to your site by Google Ads is relevant to your product. Google Ads uses unique behaviors, interests, and demographics of users to distinguish which users are relevant for your site.

What Makes Google Ads Stand Out

Although Google Ads have the same characteristics as other online advertising sites like Facebook and Instagram, they have unique features that make them stand out. 

These features include;

  • Search Ads

Unlike social media sites which are set-up for entertainment, search engines are used by consumers to get solutions or find services or products they need. Thus, Google is a platform that provides an extensive digital marketing platform for different types of businesses.

Every day millions of users use Google to gain information on products, how to do certain tasks, and where to find certain things among many other things.

When using search Ads, one can choose how to advertise based on the number of related searches that have been done in the month. It becomes easier since one can gauge how much they will spend on pay per click.

Interestingly, one can narrow down the marketing to a specific demographic region with the help of search ads.

  • Google Display Network

Google Display Network is another path to take when advertising using Google Ads. This type of advertising allows individuals to reach customers that are beyond the Google search engine results.

It utilizes images, texts, videos banners, and images in advertising by popping up when potential consumers use applications, watch videos, or browse the internet.

Google Display Network is very effective since it can reach up to 90% of internet users across the world. It also has an ad space of more than 2 million sites. Google display places ads on pages displaying different contents ensuring they are strategically placed for viewing.

  • YouTube Ads

You have probably seen tons of advertisement at the beginning of your favorite videos as you were on YouTube. They may have even seemed a little annoying at times. That is another way in which Google Ads work.

Google owns YouTube, and as such, you are allowed to post your advertisements there. YouTube comes third to Google and Facebook as the most visited site on the internet. Thus, it carries most of the traffic required for advertising.

Google provides customers with options for ad types that range from text, video, or image. It is important to know where your ads will appear.

Google Ads Auction and how it Works

Do you know how a typical auction works? Whereby a product is put out for sale, and the highest bidder gets to walk home with it? That’s is how Google auction works more or less.

Advertisers on Google Ads are allowed to bid for a rank on the Google search engine results. The bidding happens on clicks that will gather the most traffic to the site.

The keywords that you choose and the amount you place on a bid will determine your position among other bidders. To gain the top spot, it is important that the content being advertised is relevant.

Google expects advertisers to provide its users with content that is useful to them, and as such, it is important that one fashion their advertisement to meet this need. As an advertiser, you want to target people who are interested in your product.

Therefore, Google uses the relevance of your ad, the format you choose for your keywords, and the website you send customers to, among other factors to rank Ads. As such, it is important to do some research before delving into using Google Ads.

Alternatively, to make your work easier to hire a professional to help with advertising on Google.

Why Us?

Understanding how digital marketing works can be an issue in the beginning. However, having someone to hold your hands and take you through the process of Ad campaigning and advertising on Google will make the walk easier.

Google search ads are revolutionary for your business. As such, we will provide help with campaigns, visibility, help with Google AdWords, among other services you may require.

Visit our page for more details on the ideal digital marketing solution for your site using Google Ads.

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