Practicality Meets Innovation: Marketing Ideas With Measurable Result

innovation marketing ideas

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Marketing budgets are reaching unprecedented heights. For instance, advertisers in the US will spend $129 billion on digital ads in 2019.

That’s an enormous sum of money. Here’s something of more interest though:

According to the same source, this sum is $109 billion more than spending on ‘traditional’ advertising.

Clearly, not all marketing endeavors are made equal. If they were, you’d expect the same budgets across the board. And that’s obviously not the case. Marketers move with the times and best practices in order to maximize their ROI.

It’s their job to stay on top of innovation marketing ideas and know which strategies work.

Want to do just that?  

Keep reading to discover 8 key marketing ideas that have a measurable impact.

1. Live Videos

People love live video streaming.

They get an insight into someone’s life, as it is happening. It’s highly addictive! Users can’t get enough of it. That’s no exaggeration.

For instance, 80% of people prefer live video than reading blog posts.  

And it’s good news for marketers. Live video is known to increase sales outright. But people are also willing to pay for access to a live stream from their favorite celebs or influencers too. It’s a revenue-generating double-whammy.

Be sure to incorporate live video into your marketing efforts this year.

2. Standard Video

There’s still room for ordinary video too.

It doesn’t all have to be live!

Indeed, countless hours of it are watched online every day. For example, half a billion (!) hours of it are being viewed every single day on Facebook alone. Add YouTube and other social media platforms to the mix and this mind-boggling figure grows even crazier.

Businesses can absolutely leverage the power of video in their marketing. Videos drive engagement, generate traffic from SERPs, and lead to higher sales.

3. Better Chat

Chatbots are another strategy with significant benefits to marketing efforts.

These bots are utilized by websites to interact and help users that stop by.

Chatbots are better for everyone. For instance, businesses no longer need a customer service person to man the desk. They save money in the process. Customers get 24/7 support for their needs.

Bots give your brand a voice. They channel the tone and personality of your business and input it into their messages. That helps grow out your brand identity too.

Furthermore, through artificial intelligence (more on this later), the bots learn and adapt to a customer’s questions and needs. They can provide solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and even drive sales.

4. Audio Search

Audio search is in its infancy.

But marketers need to start preparing for it now.

The ability to search for something using your voice has major implications. For instance, ranking blog posts using written keywords will become less important.

Instead, audio content may be king.

Considering the popularity of smart speakers and assistants, like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, this is an upwards trend. More and more ad spend will be allocated to these platforms as more people start using them.

5. VR Marketing

It might seem like something from the future.

But virtual reality is here. And people have started to invest heavily in its development. It’s only going to become a bigger part of everyday life.

Some companies are already using virtual and augmented reality to great effect in their marketing.

Imagine test-driving a car from the shop-floor, walking along the beach of the hotel you plan to stay at, and seeing the item of furniture you want in situ, before taking it home. These are just a brief selection of the opportunities provided by VR and AR.

In terms of generating leads and revenue, VR marketing is in a league of its own.

6. Push Notifications

The development of push notifications in browsers is a big deal.

It’s a marketer’s dream come true.

The right content, pushed at the right time, can play a key role in engaging and retaining customers. They also stimulate conversions.

You tread a fine line though. Without providing genuine value, those notifications are sure to become a mere annoyance. You can jeopardize the trust and relationship you’ve built with a potential customer.

7. Content

Great content is still king in 2019.

Content marketing remains an essential component of driving traffic and potential leads.

Stay focused on your blogs. Fully SEO optimized blog articles rank highly on SERPs, spread brand awareness, help turn you into an authority in your niche, and increase conversions.

Though not exactly an ‘innovation’, it’s undeniably valuable to your marketing efforts overall.

8. Accelerated Mobile Pages

All content must be fully optimized for all devices.

It must automatically adjust to computer, tablets, and mobiles.

However, Google’s mobile-first development means mobile is arguably most important. More content is now consumed on mobile than any other. Google knows it. As such, they’re now prioritizing mobile-optimized content on SERPs.

To be successful, content must load quickly. Users don’t want to wait for long for the page to load. The longer the wait, the higher the bounce rate. Enter accelerated mobile pages. These are one way of meeting the demand.

Loading in a fraction of a second, they ensure the user is happy and the bounce rate stays low. And that’s essential to the success of your website.

Time for Innovation: Marketing Ideas That Work

There you have it: 8 tips and ideas for innovation marketing ideas and measurement in 2019.

As we’ve seen, marketing budgets are increasing every year.

But the particular strategies marketers are spending on are changing. It makes sense. After all, it’s essential to stay on top of current trends. Don’t, and it’s impossible to get the ROI you were looking for. Traditional forms of marketing are becoming increasingly ineffective.

Innovation is essential.

Hopefully, this article has highlighted some of the most innovative marketing ideas of today. Keep them in mind and you’ll be on your way to successful campaigns in no time.

Like this piece? Want some help with your digital marketing? Get in touch with us today.

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