Restaurant Marketing: 7 Ways Instagram Will Up Your Sales

Edmonton Restaurant - Restaurant MarketingIt’s no secret that restaurant marketing on Instagram is a food-space for the meal pictures, hashtags, and videos shared with friends and family today.

More than just tasting good and powering us with energy, food can look good, too. When it does, eaters want to share their experience with their following, quickly snapping fleeting videos, boomerangs, and photos of what’s in front of them.


Quite simply: using Instagram as a marketing tool for restaurant advertisement today is a necessity. It’s one of the easiest and most direct ways to market a menu, atmosphere, and event.


If you’re new to the Instagram game, here’s how you can use the social media app to your advantage:


The 7 Instagram Marketing Strategies You Need to Know


#1 – Instagram Business Profile: Instagram enables you to create a business profile today, which more prominently displays contact information, hours, and links on your behalf. By switching to this type of account, you can also take advantage of analytics tools and follower details so you know what’s working and what isn’t.


#2 – Cross Promotion: Maybe you have a much larger Facebook following than Instagram following. You can promote your Instagram on your other social channels, asking followers to get onboard with Instagram.


#3 – Video Capabilities: You can use Instagram Stories, which is a 24-hour fleeting content portal that enables you to upload content that will disappear the next day; and Instagram Live, which opens up a real-time world to your followers. You want to take part in BOTH – and the best news is: they’re free!


#4 – Talk to People: Customers want to be heard. Answer every question or comment, and be sure to even chat back and comment on followers’ content to let them know you care. Restaurants do well to market themselves as community-oriented destinations.


#5 – Re-gram: Yes, you can repost content already posted by users on Instagram. This is a quick and easy way for you to showcase your customers while also taking advantage of their high quality pic. Either take a screenshot and crop it, or download a re-gram app that does it for you. Re-gramming also makes you look in-touch with your client community.


#6 – Research Your Hashtags: Hashtags are the little tags at the end of posts (or commented) that enable people to find you. If you’re a restaurant in NYC, a hashtag for #nycfood is something you want to consider. Spend time researching hashtags and look for super popular and active ones, creating a mix of generic #foodporn ones with more specific #nycfoodie tags.


#7 – Instagram Worthy Specials: Give your customers something to Instagram! Maybe throw dry ice in a fishbowl, or make a rainbow colored bagel. Anything that is eye candy will make people more likely to whip out their phones and capture it for the grams.


Final Thoughts: Restaurant Marketing


The best part about restaurant marketing with Instagram is that all of the above suggestions are FREE! It’s in your best interest to hire a full-time social media manager who covers these 7 bases for your restaurant moving forward – it will make a huge difference in your sales.

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