SEO vs PPC: What’s the Difference?

seo vs ppc

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Did you know that there are about 3.5 billion web searches online in a single day? All these searches come from 3.8 billion people using the internet, with each raising queries to address their everyday needs.

Your website is among the 644 million active websites online. With which, the hard part is competing to get the traffic you need. Which strategy would be viable for your website?

Today, we will look into the comparison between SEO vs PPC. Explore how they work, and see their edges and drawbacks for your campaign.

How Does SEO Work?

For the uninitiated, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process that increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through free and organic search engine results.

How does this work? Search engines, like Google, make use of crawlers to scan content and information available on the Internet. From that point, the crawlers begin to collate the data and create an index per page scanned.

That index then goes through Google’s algorithm, which matches all the data within your query. Keep in mind there are multiple factors that go in the said algorithm, including how they get ranked by importance. Other factors include relevance of data, page speed, and credibility of the content.

The optimization aspect of this involves methods and steps that you need to take to make your website rank up in the search engine results. This ranges from content to website design and optimization.  

The Pros of SEO

In using SEO, you should take note of the advantages and disadvantages of using this in your marketing strategy. We will start with the pros and advantages that SEO can provide for your website.

For one, SEO provides traffic without having to pay premiums. Traffic comes in a more organic sense, originating from related search queries.

Through SEO, the traffic generated comprises of people who are looking for solutions. In this case, organic results also provide a sense of credibility due to the content and keywords you have set up for your website and how you established your niche.

With this, you have a better chance of converting traffic at a rate of 14.6% compared to the 1.7% generated from print advertising or email marketing.

The Cons of SEO

SEO also comes with its drawbacks, however. As noted in this list of SEO myths, it takes time and dedication, along with a lot of adjustments. The same is true with obtaining the ROI from this strategy.

When it comes to a competitive niche, it will need a big investment in terms of building organic links. You also have no full control with SEO, given how many other factors are fluctuating variables like how much traffic comes in from guest posts.

And, if not careful, there is also the risk of penalties by Google or whichever search engine.

How Does PPC Work?

PPC is short for Pay Per Click. It’s an online marketing model where advertisers pay a small amount each time their ads get clicked. In a sense, it is a way to buy traffic for your website.

This runs with three parties involved. You have the advertisers, the middle man (in this case, the PPC network), and the publishers. Advertisers, this being the businesses or individuals, pay the PPC network to display their ads.

Publishers team up with the PPC networks to earn revenue from displaying the ads on their websites. When the ads get clicks from website visitors, publishers get a cut from the revenue.

There are other processes involved. Such as the bidding of keywords and top ad spots to get the one that yields the most traffic.

The Pros of PPC

Like SEO, PPC has its inherent pros and cons that can help you decide. For PPC, you achieve immediate results as you can easily pop up at the number 1 result. Another benefit is the option to track ads in real time.

Also like SEO, the scope of your website’s exposure can span towards a global scale. In fact, you might be able to get your target customer with the right ad through PPC’s location targeting.

Another factor is in the full control that PPC provides you. It makes management easier on how much you bid for the keywords. You can also manage how long the campaigns would run and the total budget for the campaign.

The Cons of PPC

This also has its downsides. When it comes to bidding, it can be a rather competitive situation when trying to get the top position. You can easily fall into a pricy bidding war where there are no winners.

PPC also needs a high budget to work in your favor. Each click that you get costs you. Without proper optimization and a good landing page, you could end up paying for clicks without seeing any visitors purchase or subscribe from your site.

While it does ensure that you are visible, this doesn’t mean you will get conversions in an instant. The tendency would be that a number of web searchers end up ignoring the top paid choice.

SEO vs PPC: The Verdict

In this comparison between PPC vs SEO, you might be wondering which is better among the two. The truth is that they have both pros and cons on that matter. The best option is to make use of both.

By combining a PPC campaign with SEO best practices, you will be able to cover more as it grants you better visibility with even higher conversion rates.

Check your website and weigh your options. That way, you have a choice. Do you aim to strike the balance between the two methods? Or would you choose to improve on what you currently have for your website?

Make Your Website Shine Today!

In this comparison, whether you choose SEO vs PPC, you can opt for what works best for your website. Look into improving on what you have or make use of the two for your website.

Whichever you choose, we can help you in those aspects. We offer SEO and PPC, as well as other web solutions. For inquiries about how we can help, contact us today to get started.

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