The Ultimate Guide to Mobile SEO Success

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Regardless of where you are, one truth remains the same: your phone is probably within reach.

Mobile usage in Canada is one of the highest in the world. In fact, around 29% of online traffic in Canada was generated from mobile phones. 

With mobile SEO, you can turn every second into multiple opportunities. SEO, or search engine optimization, allows you to reach customers while they’re searching online. With a mobile SEO strategy, you can reach customers whenever, wherever. 

However, it takes a little strategizing to get mobile SEO to work.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about local SEO. With a mobile SEO strategy, you can expand your reach to new customers. The broader your reach, the easier it is to grow your business!

What is Mobile SEO?

Before we get into mobile SEO best practices, let’s define SEO first.

Search engine optimization allows you to display your website content in search engines like Google. With SEO, you can target people most likely to become paying customers based on their searches.

By researching your customers, you can determine what they’re searching for online.

Then, you can create content that appeals to their search interests.

By matching your SEO content to their search intent, you can show customers you’re a reliable resource in your industry. Once you attract them to your website, you can use your content and a strong call-to-action (CTA) to convert visitors into leads.

Mobile SEO optimizes your content for on-the-go visitors.

If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you could potentially miss out on customers who are searching from their phones. 

Imagine trying to pinch and zoom to read a huge website on your tiny smartphone.

Without a mobile-optimized website, that’s what your customers are dealing with. This lack of optimization could scare them off of your website. In fact, they might even move on to your competitors. 

A website that lacks mobile-optimization design is neglecting user experience. If your customers aren’t happy, they might move their business elsewhere.

Since people are constantly on the go, more people are searching for what they need from phones, not desktop computers. However, that’s not the only reason you need a mobile SEO strategy for your business. 

Why is it Important?

There are a few reasons your business should consider a mobile SEO strategy.

For starters, it improves user experience.

The more impressed people are by your website, the more likely they’ll stick around. Unfortunately, a difficult-to-use website will encourage your customers to leave. If people can’t interact with your phone on mobile devices, how will they successfully contact your business or make a purchase?

The longer people stay on your website, the better for your SEO.

If your website page ranking improves, you can position your website above competitors on Google’s search pages. This higher ranking will make your company appear more credible. It can also help you gain more visitors to your website.

Each visitor is a potential sale.

Google now using mobile-first indexing to determine website search rankings. This means Google prioritizes websites that are already mobile-optimized to determine which websites have a higher ranking. 

Mobile SEO can benefit your digital advertising (such as PPC advertising on social media or Google), too. 

Since most e-commerce traffic starts on a mobile device, mobile SEO can also help you increase sales. However, if your landing pages aren’t mobile-optimized, you might find it difficult for customers to “add to cart.”

Mobile SEO Best Practices?

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons to consider mobile SEO, let’s get you started. Here are a few easy ways you can implement a mobile SEO strategy for your company’s website. 

1. Page Speed

For starters, consider your page speed.

When people are searching online, they don’t want to wait around for a page to load. Every second could cost you a potential customer. 

To check your mobile page speed, check out this tool. Google’s Page Insights can tell you the best ways to improve your page speed. Once you increase your load time, you can also improve your Google search page ranking. 

When improving your page speed, consider your image sizes, animations, videos, and browser caching. It’s also important to reduce redirects, which can also slow your website speed. 

2. Don’t Block

Make sure you’re not blocking CSS, images, or JavaScript on your mobile pages.

Google’s bots will search for these elements. Previously, mobile devices couldn’t support these items. Now that they can, Google will search and categorize this content. 

Make sure you’re not blocking these items. Otherwise, Google might not understand you have a responsive website or a mobile page.

3. Dexterous Designing

Design your website with mobile and desktop users in mind. 

Mobile devices have changed how web designers create websites. Think about your mobile users when you’re designing your website. What information are they looking for?

Keeping your customers in mind can make it easier to design for user experience.

Make sure to remove pop-ups, which are frustrating and intrusive. These elements could increase your bounce rate, which will negatively impact your SEO ranking. 

Instead, make it easy for mobile users to navigate your website. 

To help mobile users search your content, use titles and meta descriptions for your pages. These elements make it easier for mobile users to know your content matches their initial search. 

4. Local Search

Mobile users are usually looking for local businesses. 

To improve your mobile SEO, don’t forget to consider local SEO. Local SEO makes it easier for customers who are nearby to find your business.

You can improve your local search with local website content and by updating your digital listings. Make sure to check your Google My Business listing, too!

5. Schemas

You only get a small amount of space on mobile searches.

To make the most of that space, make sure your website content is optimized for schemas. Schemas create rich snippets that help your website content stand out.

Mobile SEO: Going Mobile for Major Success

Your customers are mobile, so why aren’t you? With a mobile SEO strategy, you can reach on-the-go customers. From there, it’s about impressing website visitors to turn them into sales!

Contact our team today to get started!

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