Tik Tok Marketing for Beginners: How to Win at Tik Tok Advertising

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If you have any sort of Social Media account then you’re probably familiar with what Tik Tok is. It’s taken the internet by storm as of late with no signs of slowing down. Some businesses are starting to jump in on the fad with an attempt at Tik Tok advertising.

If you’re thinking about doing the same thing you’ll need to be a bit careful. The demographic is sort of confined into tweens and teens. They respond to specific things and unfortunately for you, one of those things isn’t sales pitches.

To help you get some success out of your Tik Tok campaign, here is a quick guide on how the app works and how you can market yourself on it. 

1. What is Tik Tok? 

Before you start marketing yourself on Tik Tok it’s helpful for you to know what it is (if you don’t already). It’s an app where you can create and edit short videos and post them up for all your followers to see. 

Most of the videos that are posted are comedic and the genres that see the most traction are cooking instructables, short skits, and lip singing. If you think that you can do short marketing videos that meet these requirements then continue reading to find out who your user demographic will be. 

2. The User Demographic 

Most people who use Tik Tok fall between the ages of 16 and 24. So, if your product isn’t one that a younger person would use then you should probably stir clear of Tik Tok and try a different marketing method. 

With Tik Tok growing as much as it is, there is only a matter of time before older people start using it. It won’t be soon enough or be enough people for you to take advantage of this app, however. 

3. Marketing on Tik Tok

So you have a product that teenagers and young adults will love. You’ve passed that step but now you have to figure out how to market it on Tik Tok. You’ve got three options, influencer marketing, original content, and doing challenges. 

Influencer Marketing 

Tik Tok is full of creative people creating something rather it’s cooking, art, or doing makeup. These influencers get huge followings that you can take advantage of by doing an influencer marketing campaign. 

Followers know and trust the influencer more than they would you. So, for your campaign, you’ll pay the influencer to either use your product on screen or at least mention it in their video. 

Original Content 

You can do original content but you shouldn’t expect sudden and complete success with it. Tik Tok is full of viral content so whatever video you make will need to do the same or it will get ignored. 

This being said, making your content can be a powerful marketing strategy if you do it right. For example, if you’re a bakery, do a sped-up video of you doing an awesome cake decoration to the tune of a catchy song. 

Do a Challange 

Tik Tok is no stranger to viral challenges. You could come up with your own challenge that allows your audience to interact with your brand and have fun. When coming up with yours make sure that it’s challenging. 

As a species, we like showing off what we can do. If your challenge is too easy then your audience won’t get any satisfaction from doing it. If it’s too hard then they won’t do it for fear of making a fool of themselves on camera. 

You also want to have a little room for flexibility in your challenge. People are fine with being guided but they don’t like being told exactly what to do. 

4. Authenticity 

Tik Tok is a place for creatives. It’s based on fun and expression. So whatever marketing campaign that you decide to do needs to have that same energy. 

Not many brands have tapped into this resource yet and the ones that do are probably not throwing around sales pitches. You want to do the same. Focus on authenticity and creativity. 

If you don’t try to sell anyone anything and make interesting videos you won’t be shunned by the users at least.  

5. Ads Don’t Exist Yet 

The downside to marketing on Tik Tok is that there isn’t an ad platform yet. If it goes the same way as most social media platforms do then there will be one at some point. 

Be patient in the meantime and focus on influencer marketing. This is the fastest way to build traction on this app. 

6. How to Get Started 

Are you still interested in using Tik Tok to market your company after reading this? If so, we’re going to tell you how you can get started with the app. The first step is downloading the app. 

Once you’ve done that create an account. Make sure that you watch a few videos so you can get an idea of what’s popular before you make your own. 

It’s important that you get involved with the community and build a presence before you start posting videos that involve your products. Above all else, have fun with it. 

Your Guide to Tik Tok Advertising 

Tik Tok is a growing social media sensation that many companies are starting to try to market themselves on. It comes with its unique challenges such as the small user demographic. Still, if your product is one that the younger crowd can use, Tik Tok advertising may be worthwhile. 

Did your Tik Tok marketing campaign not go in your favor? It’s okay we can help you fix your strategy to do better next time. Contact us for more information. 

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