Time for a Do Over: The Top Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Website Redesign

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There are more than 4 billion internet users with more than 1.6 billion websites vying for their attention. If your website doesn’t provide users with everything they want, they’ll go find it someplace else.

So how do you know if you need a website redesign to be a real contender for consumer’s attention?

Keep reading for the top signs that it is time to redesign your website.

If You’re Not Mobile-First, You Need a Website Redesign

If your website isn’t designed with mobile devices in mind then you definitely need a website redesign now. Half of all internet users access it through their mobile device rather than a laptop or computer. 

If you haven’t created a site that displays and is user-friendly from any device then you’re losing customers and hurting your business.

A site that isn’t mobile-first could cause some features not to display properly or to take longer for your pages to load. Even a few seconds delay in loading time can cause visitors to leave and likely never return. It can hurt your bottom line and the overall impression of your brand.

Video and Image Content

A picture is worth a thousand words and a 650% higher engagement rate for posts on the internet than text-only posts. People are easily distracted and the majority admit they only skim the text on a website. 

78% of people watch online video content every week and more than half watch videos online every day. The majority of online consumers make buying decisions after watching product or promotional videos.

If you aren’t using images and video to attract and keep the attention of internet users than you’re missing the majority of consumers because of that fact alone.

Redesign your website to include unique and interesting visual content. There are photo and video platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Images, iStock where you can buy or use stock content when you include the proper credits.

You may not find exactly what you’re looking for, especially when it comes to video content so you may need to get creative. For the best results, you’ll want to create your own unique quality content. This could be done through outsourcing or hiring in house.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people start looking for what they want online through a search engine. The top results for each search are the ones that receive the most traffic. To get to the top of search engine results you need to have your website and online content search engine optimized.

Search engines such as Google and Bing use algorithms with hundreds of factors in order to rank all the websites that are relevant to the search. They want to provide the best results for their users and consider as many things as possible to do so.

These factors advance and change as technology and digital trends do so it’s important to consider adjusting your strategies periodically for continued growth and success.

Quality Content is Vital

The most important thing you can provide for visitors and search engines alike is quality content. Websites that don’t add fresh content will become less relevant and be pushed aside for more up-to-date resources.

It’s not enough to just recycle information users can find everywhere else too. You’ll want to give them a reason to seek out your content over the competition. Unique and informative blog posts about your industry and niche will help you gain a loyal following and help you increase your presence on the internet.

Unique and educational content gets shared and discussed by others. It is free advertising every time someone comments, shares, or tweets about your brand. You also have more opportunities to talk about fresh topics on social media when you’re posting new content to your website.

Consistency in providing new content will help visitors know they should visit often to see the latest updates. If they visit a few times and see the exact same content, you’ll end up losing their interest.

Social Media Connections

Your brand online presence should all be connected and visible on your website. Twitter and Instagram feeds, Facebook posts and other social media platforms features can be incorporated into the design of your website to offer access to as much of your online brand as possible. 

Email subscriptions and links to brand social media profiles are a great way to engage with visitors and open up opportunities to reconnect in the future.

You may also want to provide social media, email directories, and other contact information to provide as many opportunities for potential customers to connect with you as possible.

Customer Service and AI

We’ve become a society that expects everything instantaneously. It’s difficult to provide the same stellar customer service to someone you never meet or see face-to-face. People don’t want to talk on the phone anymore when they can visit a website or download an app and do everything themselves.

If your website doesn’t give potential customers a way to get all their answers and troubleshoot their issues they’ll find a company that does. F.A.Q.’s aren’t enough anymore when consumers are used to live interactive customer support to walk them through any issues or questions they may have.

Artificial Intelligence platforms and computer bots give businesses an economical way to provide that support without paying for a team of staff 24/7 to man the online support forum.

Convenience and Safety

Consumers have enough stress in their lives they want their online experience to be stress and hassle-free. They want to be able to do everything on your site that they could do in your store so they’re looking for options.

Consumers are loyal to their preferred payment method. You may need a website redesign to provide more payment options. They also want to be able to access their accounts and see their purchases but they want to do it all securely and safely.

Website Redesign with the Consumer in Mind

When you first designed your company website chances are you were considering your company’s needs and priorities to ensure you included everything your brand wanted to include. 

Now that you’re established it’s time to really consider what your customers want and need. It could look very different than it did when you first created your website. You may just need to tweak a few things or do a complete website redesign to accomplish this.

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