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Companies who do not leverage the power of SEO (search engine optimization) in 2019 wither and die. Period. There’s nothing else to that.

Many businesses have found the above to the truth the hard way. They have only invested in paid tactics, and once their budgets ran dry, they had no more leads coming to their site. They had no high-ranking pages in search engines, so they were not able to capitalize on the huge power of SEO.

Whether you own a startup, an SMM or a large corporation, doing SEO the right way is imperative for your success. Below, we will take a closer look at what SEO is and try to determine how you can use it to grow your database and gain access to a huge number of potential customers.

What is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the advanced practice of optimizing your site pages to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic you receive from search engines. Basically, SEO allows you to appear on the first pages in Google, Bing, and other search engines, after relevant searches.

For instance, let’s say that you are repairing iPhones in Ontario. Good SEO will help your site rank on the top of search results on keywords like iPhone repair in Ontario, iPhone repairs, repair my iPhone, iPhone repair company, phone repair contractor, etc.

The higher you appear in search results, the more traffic you will get to your site.

What’s amazing about SEO is that the traffic you get is free. You pay nothing for prospects who visit your site. What’s even more interesting is that SEO has the highest conversion rates among all digital tactics.

At this point, you are probably also eager to discover what other benefits SEO has for you in 2019.

Benefits of SEO

1. Very low cost:

Organic listings are essentially free. When your website appears at the top of search results, you are paying nothing to get visitors to your site. The great news is that the more you stay at the top, the more free customers you get. Of course, there is a cost with SEO, and it is includes link-building and page maintenance.

2. More conversions:

in addition to the increase in traffic, SEO comes with a huge present: more conversions and a higher conversion rate. You’ll notice all these in Google Analytics.

3. Higher brand credibility:

If you appear in searches, you can bet that people will gain more confidence in your brand. It is a proven fact that people trust the first 3 listings on Google. By doing SEO right, your brand becomes THE BRAND. You become the guy your clients love, and your competition despises.

Conversely, the further back your website appears in Google, the higher will be your prospect’s skepticism about you. You want to be at the top, and that includes being in the top three and listed in the top sites with structured data.

4. Permanent results:

The great thing about SEO is that you are not losing your first spot too soon. Once you get there, you will reap all its benefits for a long period of time. Of course, you need to do some link building here and there and reuse old content, but you are already perceived as a top player in Google’s eyes.

SEO Guide in 2019

In 2019, SEO has come to a whole new level.

This practice is more complex than ever before, that’s why you need an expert by your side. Be assured that our SEO specialists are up to date with the latest SEO trends and techniques. They know how to help you get on that king #1 spot in search rankings.

In 2019, it is paramount to focus on mobile-first.

Since Google has switched to a mobile-first indexing method, mobile sites rank higher and get more traffic. Consider going with AMP to beat your competition quicker and be Google’s selection as featured snippet on mobile.

Featured snippets are another big thing to focus on.

Users who conduct voice searches are only shown the content the appears in the featured snippet. Users who search for certain information on Google see a featured snippet. Format your content wisely so that it’s selected for the featured snippet and you’ll gain more than you can imagine.

Local search is also big in 2019.

Being listed in the top three is a sure-fire way to outsmart your competition and get ahead of the crowd. Mobile users will select you instead of your competitors and you’ll find yourself loaded with new customers.

Social media integration is becoming increasingly important. The more you appear on social media, the more important your site will become in the eyes of Google.

If you go viral on Twitter, for example, the page linked to your post will enjoy a dramatic boost in search results.

Finally, do not forget to focus on high-quality content and authority link building.

The total number of referring domains is still a crucial factor in determining your position in Google ranks. Moreover, high-quality, original content, that makes users stay on your page will continue to be very important in 2019.

A quick tip here.

Google will focus more on-page signals such as engagement rate and click rate. If users like what they see on your page and they engage with your content, you have a good chance to rank higher in search results.

Work with the best in SEO

At Black Light Media, we pride ourselves on being a top SEO agency. Our SEO experts know how to comply with all Google’s requirements and can rank your site high in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex searches.

We can get your site on top, allowing you to reap all the huge benefits of SEO for your business. Gain more traffic, enjoy increased conversion rates and boost your brand presence online by leveraging the true power of SEO.

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